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Australian Visa Character Waiver
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It is a general requirement that you must pass the character test when applying for a visa or Australian citizenship. There are tough rules regarding criminal offences that may affect your application.

However, if you receive a letter from the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) advising you that your visa or citizenship application is refused for character reasons, you may be able to apply for a “character waiver”.

A character waiver application demonstrates why you should not be refused a visa or Australian citizenship despite your previous history.

If your visa is cancelled under the character ground there are certain steps to follow and time limits apply for a character waiver. This includes making a request to the Minister to consider restoring your visa within 28 days of receiving the decision. Subsequently, if a delegate of the Minister decides not to restore your visa, you can apply for a review of that decision at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (“AAT”). Judicial review may be sought on questions of law in your case.

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