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Australian Visa Appeals, Refusals, Cancellation and Judicial Reviews
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If your visa application is refused, or your visa is cancelled, a decision has been made that you don’t meet certain eligibility requirements.

You are expected to obey Australian laws and continually meet certain obligations, including those regarding character, health, identity, and security requirements.

Grounds for cancellation include non-compliance with visa conditions, providing incorrect information with your application or where the person presents a risk to the Australian community.

If your visa is refused or cancelled in Australia and you do not hold a protection visa, you are a non-citizen. You will be held in an immigration detention centre until a visa is obtained, or until you are removed from Australia.

A decision to cancel or refuse a visa may be reviewable, for example:

  1. You may be able to seek a waiver of the character requirement and have the visa reinstated.
  2. You may be able seek a merits review of the decision at the Administrative Appeal Tribunal (“AAT”). The decision is reconsidered under review and a determination is made whether it is the correct or preferable decision.
  3. You may be able to seek judicial review of a decision. This is where a court decides if the decision was made contrary to law.

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Australian visa Refusals, Cancellations, Appeals and Judicial Reviews
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