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Australian Permanent Residency Visa
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Permanent residency can be a step towards gaining Australian citizenship.

As a permanent resident of Australia, you can generally:

  1. Remain in Australia indefinitely;
  2. Work and study in Australia;
  3. Enrol in Medicare (Australia’s national health scheme);
  4. Apply for bank loans to buy property;
  5. Sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residency;
  6. Apply for Australian citizenship if eligible;
  7. Have entitlements to travel to and from Australia (subject to COVID-19 restrictions); and
  8. Attend free English language classes.

You must satisfy certain requirements to attain permanent residency, including, but not limited to, health, character, English language requirements, and agreement to Australian values.

There are many different visa streams that offer permanent residency, including:

1. Family Stream, including for example, partners, children and parents or dependent relatives of an Australian citizen.

2. Work Stream, workers who meet eligibility requirements, such as, sponsorship by an Australian employer sponsor; having the appropriate nomination or invitation to work here; and certain work skills; may qualify for permanent residency visas.

3. Business or Investment Stream, for certain activities, such as owning or conducting business in Australia or engaging in significant entrepreneurial activity.

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